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Our sustainability policy

A stated goal for the company is to be environmentally friendly and climate smart. We want to preserve and use nature and culture sustainably in the long term. The company wants to contribute to economic development so that the local culture and community survives. We want to encourage our visitors to buy quality products from local entrepreneurs. Products that authentically reflect our lifestyle and culture. We are knowledge brokers with local roots in the area. Our operations take place in collaboration and consultation with the local community and landowners. 
We want to offer experiences that give visitors an insight into life and culture in a way that is authentic and does not distort history and culture. Our experiences must be adapted so that the visitor has an opportunity to gain understanding and respect for nature and culture. The visitor should experience joy and think that the visit lived up to expectations. Every year we will review the operations and customer reviews to improve with this sustainability policy as a starting point. 

We stand for good hospitality and constantly strive for good quality. We use local service and local products and protect the value and relationships in the village. We use environmentally friendly and certified products where possible. We reduce our food waste by offering food boxes, for example. We try as far as possible to be accessible to everyone. We inform about nature and activities in the village and are part of the biosphere area. 

Purchasing and saving on energy and the environment

Our machine fleet is updated with energy-efficient products. This includes for example; refrigerators, freezers or kitchen appliances. Automatic dosing is available in relevant places. We use machines sparingly by, for example, filling the dishwasher full before it runs. 
Transport distances are reduced by buying from local producers. Suppliers are selected with care, considering the holding of additional local actors as well as their environmental planes. Deliveries to us take place as rarely as possible with emissions in mind. Meat products used in serving are mostly taken from local producers. 


We buy in and use environmentally friendly products, such as yellow soap and other eco-labelled products instead of strong chemical agents. Through planning and good knowledge, we intend to reduce product use through initiatives such as using less disposable products, energy-efficient machines and tools

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