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About us

We at Tavelsjö Wärdshus offer good, well-prepared food made from locally produced, locally grown and organic goods as far as possible. For those with a sweet tooth, there are also delicious pastries to enjoy with a cup of coffee or tea.



It must be locally produced

We protect the environment and therefore work with locally grown ingredients and local producers. To protect our earth, we also work to reduce food waste as much as possible. That is why we are extremely happy about our collaboration with Ica Hissjö, who every week delivers goods with short dates that we can then cook on. We think it is important to do what you can to help our environment, reducing food waste is just one of our initiatives to contribute.



 In the heart of Tavelsjö, next to the church is the old Wärdshuset. When Tavelsjö old church and rectory were built in 1898 and In 1910, the Tavelsjö residents put up land, timber, labor, etc. to enable the construction of the church and rectory. The rectory has played out its role as a residence for Tavelsjö's priest.


TuRe - Gruppen

The Tavelsjö and Rödåbygden development association (TuRe) owns Wärdshuset Tavelsjö.

The upper floor consists of 5 rooms, hall with kitchenette, WC-shower-laundry, balcony and conference room. The rooms can be rented for a longer or shorter period. Conference rooms are bookedhere

In the side building and part of the garden, Blåeld has an exhibition with a wide range of garden experiences. Own production of glass, ceramics and wire art. Open for sale during the summer and partly also in the winter. 

For questions, contact:

Tavelsjö and Rödåbygden's development, oak. for.

Göran Sundqvist, 070-646 57 73,  or

Alf Söderlund, 070-630 06 51,

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